The Japnese Dance Master ARAKI SHISHOU's profile.

The Dance Master "Araki Shishou" had famous japanese dancer 1990's. Her dance style was unique that she danced techno or house music with when she take original fan whitch decorated in feathers of bright colors. And she dressed clothes is very tight body and skimpy. In later 1980'S japanese economy was unprecedented growth. People purchas more luxurious entertainment and more. One of luxurious entertainment is dancing in luxurious dance club in Tokyo. She danced in dance club from young age.

TV director focused on dance characteristic of her time there and recommended that appear in the TV show. She accept his recommendation. She started appearance that famous japanese night TV show early 1990'S. She introduced that most biggest japanese disco club "JULIANA'S TOKYO" when shortly after the open and japanese dance culture whitch music and fashion or dance style in TV show. The comical when certain that she was dancing where fishing boat or top of mountain and more strange place on TV show. She was conducted to the young people of Japan on a TV show the joy of dance.
Her TV program had been one of popular program in this TV show. People called her that The Dance Master "Araki Shishou"or "JULIANA'S TOKYO dance qween". Many people followed her dance style and fashion who had respected to her. She had been most famous japanese dancer early 1990'S.

After the TV show was gone who many people invited her that dance show or dance ivents ・wedding party another TV show and more ivents. She recently has been active in the business, such as a restaurant in Ginza business and to support the marriage of many people.(APR,2014,S,Adachi)

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